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Got a big fancy camera and no idea how to use it? Overwhelm and technical jargon be gone [ain't no Mama got time for that]! Learn from me as I freely share my pro tips + tricks to get you shootin' like pro so you can remember your little people as you see them right now! Grab a cuppa + get comfy...

I teach you how to take meaningful [take your breath away] photos of your kids without the confusing technical jargon!

The greatest love of your life needs to be captured.

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I'll get you shooting in manual mode in no time

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Capturing authentic connection

 Danielle dobson

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Bec Matheson

Tips + Tricks for snappin' your own kids

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Amy Oliver

 How I got started in photography

Want to learn from some camera savvy Mamas?

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Yep, that’s right! Call me your photography mentor? Photo takin’ cheerleader? Mama friend who boils the kettle when you need to chat through all your photo takin’ woes? 

I know your big fancy camera can be a bit scary, even frustrating! I'm here to make taking photos of your kids easy, even fun! Let me be your photography mentor, guiding + inspiring you on this incredible photo-takin' journey... one cuppa at a time!

Mama of two cheeky girls, 10 yEArs a family photographer [& professional tea drinker] + now PHOTOGRAPHY Teacher!

Hey Mama, I'm Amy. Teacher, Tea Addict + Photographer!


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What is a 'Photo Recipe' I hear you ask?! An easy to follow set of instructions to set a scene, inspire you and get you snappin' your kids [minus the tears]!

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An encouraging corner of  the web where you can share images, be cheered on + ask 'dumb questions' [there no such thing] - No professionals allowed!

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